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Booking Terms and Conditions


1. Legal Stuff

a. The information contained on this website and our booking system is believed to be correct. However, we are unable to accept responsibility for any errors or omissions and reserve the right to amend any part of it if such alterations are thought to be necessary.

b. Data Protection
Ceroc Enterprises Ltd will advise you by email of any future events until such time as you request to be unsubscribed from our database. Please note, we do not sell or share any of your details with any third parties. Please refer to for full details of our privacy policy.


2. Your Booking

Access to the event, Accommodation & Car Parking.

a. Booking Contract
A booking is a contract between Ceroc Enterprises Ltd, Company No 03563696 (Unit 1 Waldo Works, Waldo Road, London, NW10 6AW) and the Group Leader name only, and as group leader are responsible for advising their guests on all issues relating to the booking. Ceroc Enterprises Ltd is a VAT registered company and your booking is subject to VAT (reg’d no 333 2632 29) at the prevailing rate.

b. Postal Bookings:
Bookings must be received at this office on or before 14 days prior to the event. Note: Bookings received after this date will not be processed. Please also note we do not accept X2 or Z2 bookings by post. All postal bookings are subject to Availability and Gender balance control and therefore may be unavailable when the cheque is actually received.

c. Barclays Merchant Services:
Online bookings are handled by Barclaycard Payment Services to guarantee your security.

d. Confirmation:
An automated confirmation of your booking will be forwarded to you as a receipt by email. However, to have not received an email would not necessarily imply that there is no booking. If you have not received an email, you should email us for verification and we will send a duplicate confirmation to you.

e. Ceroc reserves the right to make changes to any aspects of a booking in order to comply with any changes imposed upon us by the vendor. For example, if our allocated apartments are changed in terms of quantity and or configuration or maintenance issues, then we would endeavour to find alternative apartments that best substitutes the members requirements.

f. Event Access
Any booking which includes accommodation will provide access to the event in respect of all dancing activities including Freestyles, workshops and any other activity provided by Ceroc and/or by Pontins.

g. Special Requirements
Special requirements must be explored and agreed in advance of your arrival registration at the event so therefore please contact us to make arrangements. Please do not wait until after arriving at the event as your request may not be possible.

h. Accommodation
Apartment configurations are based on the actual number of beds allocated to an apartment and this varies between apartment options.

Types of beds provided can be single and Double Beds* and the format can be standard single frame, bunk bed frame (comprised of 2 Single Beds), Sofa Bed (although these can sleep 2, we don’t recommend this) and a Daybed (Comprised of a standard Single Bed and below a lower based Single Bed which can be pulled out. Both can be used either for lounging or as beds. Pontins are moving away from Sofa Beds and adopting Day Beds, and therefore you should assume that your apartment will have a Daybed. Pontins do not allow us to move guests or furniture if you are not happy with the choice of sofa or day bed.

*We are able to offer the Double Bed option because Pontins allocate some apartments with a Double Bed rather than Twin Beds. However, because these are limited and individual apartments can be subject to last minute availability and/or configuration changes, we are unable to guarantee the Double Bed feature and will be replaced by Twin Beds but we will do our upmost to make this possible). It is also necessary to make sure that you cater for either condition.

Important: The apartment description given are always subject to changes imposed upon us by Pontins and these will be published to the Accommodation section of our website.

i. Accommodation ISSUES - Any issues regarding your booking including any configuration issues must be identified and resolved as soon after registration.
Any issues specifically related to the allocated accommodation must be identified and reported immediately after registration to Pontins maintenance team at their main reception (If main reception not available, then issues can be reported via their Duty Manager at the Security Gate). (Note: It is important to ensure that your accommodation is satisfactory as soon after registration otherwise there is less scope as the weekend progresses).

Depending on the nature of the issue, Pontins must be given an opportunity to resolve any issue in a reasonable time period. If the issue has not been or cannot be resolved, then either Pontins can offer or the guest can request an alternative accommodation. However, if an alternative accommodation is offered but declined on the basis of an expectation that an issue will be resolved, the guest cannot at any later stage assert that the issue was never resolved.

Any other issues regarding the event must but be brought to the attention of Pontins and/or Ceroc in order that an opportunity is given to resolve. Ceroc and/or Pontins Duty Managers are available 24/7 throughout the weekend.

i. Some apartments may have a residue of cigarette smoke from previous guests whilst an effort will be made to re-allocate you, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to do so.

j. Car Parking Procedures and Regulations (Only applicable at Camber).
Limited onsite car parking is provided at Camber and is subject to a charge and can only be booked in advance using our booking system. The parking charge is necessary to allow us to manage the maximum number of vehicles permitted onsite, which has to comply with health, safety and fire regulations. In order to comply with these regulations, we therefore have to keep a register of ALL vehicles that are driven onto the site by our members.

k. Changes to your booking

Additions to your apartment are allowed subject to gender balancing. As an example if you have booked a 2 bed apartment for 2 people and want to add 2 more people later this is possible. Any changes are based on the scheduled pricing and not the prevailing price and are calculated by subtracting the original purchased cost from the revised scheduled upgraded cost. The original 2 people do not benefit from a refund of any kind. The booking has to be made by the original group leader and will be by cheque quoting the original booking reference. If we are over-subscribed with one gender, then you may not be able to add that gender to your apartment after your original booking. All amendments or additions are subject to a £10 administration fee.

Accommodation Level. We are unable to guarantee a specific level of accommodation but providing a request is submitted by email prior to the event, then we will aim to achieve best endeavours. Note: Requests made at the event may simply be declined if this causes operational difficulties.

l. Gender Disparity:
Men should also note that if they book an apartment that has a gender balance in favour of men, you may not be able to add ladies at a later time if the gender balancing protocol is applied. For example, if you book an apartment for say one male and then at a later date you would like to add a female, we may not be able to allow this if we have already in effect sold a female space against your booking.

k. Bookers obligation to other guests when purchasing Single and Sharing apartments.

The ‘Single and Sharing’ apartment option has some additional terms. The occupant MUST NOT permit any other guest(s) such as friends to occupy the chalet. The booker must at all times respect the privacy of the other guest. Ceroc will not get involved in disputes over who gets which bed etc in the apartment. Furthermore, no guests should be asked, or agree to move to another apartment. The spirit of the Single and Sharing apartments is clear and this is why this option is heavily discounted.

m. Ceroc reserves the right to suspend or cancel a booking where payment has not been paid or where the original payment has been been cancelled.

n. Breakages: Any damage or breakages in individual apartments during the period of this event are the sole responsibility of the group leader. The group leader is liable for the cost of repair or replacement of any damage or breakages.

o. Cancellations:

Please refer to our Cancellation Policy.
NB: All cancellations will be subject to a minimum £10 administration fee. No special arrangements exist for illness including hospital appointments or other circumstances including emergencies. Anyone wishing to switch their booking to another Escape event will be subject to the same cancellation charges.

Amendments or additions are subject to our £10 administration fee.

p. Car Parking Cancellations (Only applicable at Camber).

There are no refunds for cancelled car parking spaces at any time.

q. We strongly recommend you take out cancellation insurance against your booking if you are concerned about medical emergencies.


3. Registration

a. Check in / check out times

Access to the park is from 3pm on the Friday. The earliest registration/check-in times on Friday are:

  • From 3pm for Club
  • From 4pm for Premier, Premier Plus, Classic and Classic Plus
  • From 5pm for Budget & Share with a Stranger

Latest check out time for ALL events: Monday 10am.

b. The Group Leader (booker) is responsible and accountable for their booking and their guests throughout the weekend and until their guests have checked out. The Group Leader is also responsible for making sure that ALL guests are correctly registered under their booking and if there are any issues, then the booker MUST resolve these issues in person at the event. If the booker is not at the event in person, then Ceroc reserves the right to resolve any issue in the Group Leaders absence which may not be in favour of the booker.

c. Registration requires Name & Address details.
Admission to any Pontins event is subject to the completion of a registration form, and must include your name and address. Please note this is a strict requirement as we are required to record all guests over the age of 16 to conform with the Immigration (Hotel Records) Order 1972 (as amended)). Any details supplied by guests on their registration forms are not shared with any third parties. Your details may however be used by Ceroc to advise you of future events.

d. Registration:
Anyone wishing access to the event will be required to register at the event directly with the event organisers.

The name in which the booking has been purchased will be known as the ‘Group Leader’ and if the booking allows for guests, the group leader will be responsible for ensuring that their guests are registered correctly. If you are not the ‘Group Leader’ then you will have to satisfy yourself, in advance of the event, that the Group leader is prepared for you to share their designated accommodation.

e. Registration Form
Registration will require all attendees to fully complete a registration form. Registration is only complete, and is conditional upon, an appropriate wristband being applied to the guest by a member of our registration team. A guest can ONLY be registered ONCE.

f. Transferring Wristbands
Wristbands are NOT transferable and therefore guests are not permitted to share wristbands. For example, the transfer of your wristband to a friend should you elect to leave early is not permitted.

g. Group Leader’s responsibility
It’s the Group Leader’s responsibility to ensure that they manage the sale or transfer of guest places at the event, and any errors or omissions cannot be remedied by the Organiser. Each apartment has available 2 keys and it’s the responsibility of the Group Leader to manage the distribution of these keys to his guests.

h. Problems Upon Arrival:
It is the responsibility of the group leader to check that their apartment is clean, and that there are no broken, damaged or missing items. Should there be any problems please report these immediately to the Centre Reception desk.

i. Registration Errors
Admission will be refused if the incorrect gender mix of people arrive on-site and attempt to register.

j. Ceroc Escape Pack This will be handed to you at the event when you register. It will include your gender specific coloured wrist bands, plus further details of the full weekend's entertainment and other information.

k. Wearing of wristband
All guests are required to wear a wristband at the event, unless a doctors note is provided.

L. Lost Wristbands:
Wristbands that are lost can be subject to our replacement cost of £99. (The security wristbands we will be using at the event are specially designed not to come off by accident and have to be removed with scissors or a sharp knife).

m. Admission Refusal
Ceroc reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to refuse admission, ban from entry or remove from the event any person without explanation or compensation.


4. The Event

a. Weekend’s activities
Ceroc reserves the right to amend any aspect of the weekend’s activities without notice.

At our events we employ a number of dance professionals, and therefore you must accept that no compensation, expenses or costs will be available in the event that we can’t necessarily offer what we advertised before or at the event.

b. Changes to the Event Content and Format:
Ceroc reserve the right without notice to amend or alter any information they have published or may publish from time to time in the future, in connection with this event and reserves the right without notice to amend any aspect of the weekend’s activities.

The actual itinerary for the weekend will be handed to you at the event when you register.

c. Filming and Photographs:
Anyone attending this event agrees that they can be filmed or may appear in photographs which may be used for promotional purposes.

d. Pets: Animals are not allowed at this event, save for the guide dogs.

e. Disclaimer: Dancing is an aerobic activity and all attendees at this event participate at their own risk. The organisers cannot be held responsible for any loss or injury resulting from participation at this event.

f. Ceroc cannot be responsible for acts of nature such as very bad weather and therefore no refunds will be made available for any issues beyond the control of the organiser.

g. Ceroc cannot be responsible for problems with services such as electricity outages or water utility services and therefore no refunds will be made available for any issues beyond the control of the organiser.

h. No child or children under the age of 12 will be admitted to the site unless they are accompanied by an adult who shall be 18 years or over and such child or children whilst on site must remain under the control or supervision of an adult at all times.

i. The consumption of intoxicating liquors is permitted only in authorised places and in accordance with the Licensing Act 2003. Accordingly, intoxicating liquor must not be taken onto Centre and any persons found possessing alcohol, or who appear to be under the influence of alcohol will be refused admission or escorted from the Centre.

j. Any promotions of offers or discounts provided directly by Pontins at an event will not be applicable to any guest of Ceroc Enterprises Ltd whilst simultaneously covered by their booking contract.

k. Ceroc or its agents will not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage to any belongings unless we have been wholly negligible. Any items left behind at the park, whether in your apartment or not, is a matter between you and Pontins, and we will not get involved in any disputes. Pontins need to have a fast turnaround of apartments and therefore you need to take responsibility for ensuring that you leave nothing behind.

l. Given our events involve accommodation and members may incur injury, it's a requirement of attending our events that you register with us making available your full name and emergency contact number.

m. Gender Balancing The Event: We will be attempting to keep a gender balance between the number of men and women booked on the weekender. Consequently, from time to time the availability for a specific gender may alter dependant upon the bookings at that time as we control any disparity that occurs. We cannot however offer any guarantees that the event will be gender balanced as we still rely on good faith that people who book as couples actually turn up as couples and not as singles.