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02-04 SEP 2022


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SQUATTERS RIGHTS – CRASH WITH FRIENDS (Read here for how to apply and the terms & conditions)


a. The Group Leader will be responsible for organising their squatters and this will include submitting the application, communicating acceptance and providing all necessary information regarding the arrangement.

b. Single and Sharing products X2 do not qualify for Squatters Rights.

c. The Group leader needs to ensure before applying that there are sufficient beds available in their apartment to accommodate the squatters.

d. All applications are subject to our Gender Balancing Policy and therefore will not be able to satisfy every request. However, a gender balanced request is normally accepted.

e. Actual registration of Squatters Rights will ONLY be accepted up to midnight on the Friday evening of the event. Any arrivals after midnight or throughout the weekend will be rejected and the ‘Squatter’ will have to leave site. Therefore do not apply unless you know that you can accommodate your friend and arrive in good time.

f. Applications for Squatters Rights are only available for a limited period and subject to a maximum number.

How to apply

To apply for Squatters Rights, an application will be conditional as follows:

a. The Group Leader will need to provide their full name together with their booking reference.

b. The applicant will need to provide the full name of the squatters(s) and their sex.

Squatters Name(s) are as follows:
First Name Last Name, Sex: Male/Female
First Name Last Name, Sex: Male/Female

c. The Group Leaders booking MUST demonstrate the availability of a spare bed for the squatter(s) and therefore, the number of available beds is based on the maximum occupancy sold (as per booking system) for the type of chalet. No other permutations will be taking into account such as people swapping into other chalets in order to free up a bed.

d. Applications must be submitted to the event specific mailbox. Important: You must submit using the same email address as used when the booking was made. Email:

Successful Application

A successful application will be as follows:

a. Ceroc will email you as to whether an application is successful or unsuccessful.

b. If successful, you will receive an Acceptance confirmation by email and this same confirmation will need to be produced when your register your guests at the event.

Squatters Registration

a. Latest Check-in – Actual registration of Squatters Rights will ONLY be accepted up to midnight on the Friday evening of the event. Any arrivals after midnight or throughout the weekend will be declined and the ‘Squatter’ will have to leave site.

b. The Squatter(s) MUST be accompanied by the Group Leader at the time of registration.

c. The Squatters Acceptance Confirmation email must be provided at the time of the squatters registration.

d. If the requested Squatters comprises of at least a gender balanced couple, then BOTH squatters MUST be present at the time of registration. No entry will be permitted for only one squatter – ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS.

e. Payment for Squatters Rights is £99 (per person) and is ONLY payable at the time of registration. (Payment can ONLY be by way of cash and therefore no other methods of payment will be accepted).


We are currently not asking for proof of same day testing when arriving at the Splash 2022 event. Arrival and registration procedures will be just like before 2020.

We urge people to avoid any dance event if you are feeling unwell, have a high temperature, cough, cold or flu. This guideline is irrespective of testing positive for COVID or not, and shows general courtesy to your fellow dancers and their wellbeing.

We politely ask that everybody continues to observe best practice with personal hygiene, washing hands thoroughly and frequently and using hand sanitiser.

The requirements for all future events are subject to us being able to make informed decisions closer to the event. All bookings are on the basis that a LFT might become a condition of entry.


With prices starting from £119, inclusive of accommodation and workshops


Different Standards of Workshops suitable for Professional to complete Beginners


4 Rooms Playing Different Styles of Music with outstanding DJs on the circuit


80% who enjoy Ceroc attend on their own, we have many options for solo travellers


Various standards of self-catering accommodation to suit every budget


£5 each for one of our exclusive specialist workshops with limited numbers


Qualified complimentary therapies available helping you stay revitalised


Our integrated booking system gender balances our unique events

Why book an ESCAPE weekender?



We aim to provide our members with a weekend of brilliant teaching and music at a price where our intention is only to break-even!



We have strived to make our weekenders a truly unique experience. Holistic and well being treatments, gender balancing, Dance Competitions, Master classes, workshops for all from Beginners to Advanced, and a workshop DVD.



We only employ trained professionals from across the globe with the single aim of helping you improve your dancing. Our DJs have an enviable reputation, and our Blues & SILC DJs are the very best.

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You will never find a nicer bunch of people to spend a weekend with.

Fantastic value, the best £99 I’ve ever spent.

Dance, Laughter, memories – I had em all. Fantastic weekender.

I learnt loads and made some great new friends, I loved this weekender.

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