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02-04 SEP 2022

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The event booklet is posted here a couple of weeks before the event.  For now, however, please check out last year's event schedule.


Masterclasses are small classes that are taught in fixed couples. They provide teacher interaction and the opportunity to master the technique being taught. You do not have to be an advanced dancer to participate!
You do however have to book in advance at £5 per head in a fixed partnership. You can do this online before the event, or via the Weather Desk subject to availability.

All attendees at Drop/Aerial style workshops must report to the Weather Desk on Friday evening to ensure that they complete a disclaimer form per person

SAT 10.45am – Shake That! The Line Dance with Lyndsey Hill (SOLO)

Missed it last time? Well, it’s back! Come and learn the impressive line dance ‘Shake That!’ and wow your friends with this funky and intricate sequence, oozing with attitude and musicality. Footwork maestro Lyndsey Hill brings you this one-hour intensive class to learn the choreography and dance it with confidence.

Suitable for All Intermediate + Dancers and Above

SAT 12pm – Airborne with Tony & Hayley (PARTNER)

These two aerial masters are veterans at teaching people how to safely, accurately and stylishly perform showstopping lifts. Get ready to leave the ground with these stunning and challenging competition moves.

Suitable for Intermediate + Dancers and above – Signed Disclaimer Required

SAT 1.15pm – Freestyle like a pro with Ekow Oduro (PARTNER)

Join multi-Open Champion Ekow Oduro and learn his musicality and connection tips that will make you look more comfortable on the dancefloor. Shine with confidence in no time.

Suitable for Intermediate Dancers and Above

SAT 2.30pm – Slides with Lucky & Chelsea (PARTNER)

A unique addition to your Ceroc dancing, Lucky and Chelsea, all the way from Brooklyn New York, will teach you a number of slide variations that you can use both solo or with a partner to make your freestyle stand out!

Suitable for Intermediate+ Dancers

SAT 3.45pm – Introduction to West Coast Swing with Steve & Kate (Partner)

If you love playing with rhythms in the music, want to learn how to feel that elusive elastic connection with your partner, and think about the role of a leader or a follower in a new way, then this is perfect for you.

Suitable for Intermediate Dancers and Above

SAT 5pm – Argentine Tango Flashy Moves with Marc & Rachel (PARTNER)

Challenge your Argentine Tango with this sequence of wow moves and techniques that will help you respond and react to patterns in the music, standing out from the crowd.

Suitable for Competent Argentine Tango Dancers

SAT 6.15pm – Musicality Perfected with Jamie & Jen Eddy (PARTNER)

Top dancers and technicians Jamie and Jen take a deeper look into musicality. Learn to adapt and work with your partner to express what’s happening in the music.

Suitable for Intermediate Dancers and Above

SUN 10.45am – Pushing the Boundaries with Emma Wright (PARTNER)

Venture out of your dance ‘comfort zone’ and raise your awareness of how you move. You will primarily focus on your ‘dance conversation’ and increased awareness of the music. Be alert, be present and adapt your dancing to suit your partner, the song and the environment around you.

Suitable for Intermediate Dancers and Above

SUN 12pm: Blues Skip Ups with Lucky & Chelsea (PARTNER)

This is one of the most versatile moves in Blues Dance. By creating a pendulum motion with your legs (one leg kicking out the other) and using body isolation technique, these moves are sure to impress the crowds!

Suitable for Intermediate + Dancers and above

SUN 1.15pm – Accelerate your West Coast Swing with Steve & Kate (PARTNER)

Honing your skills as a WCS leader or a follower, Steve & Kate introduce some techniques to help you understand how to improvise and promote musical conversation between the partnership and within the structure of the dance.

Suitable for Confident West Coast Swing Dancers Only

SUN 2.30pm – Release your Inner Penguin with Luke Scrivens (PARTNER)

Both the flightless blubbery bird and the glorious, flowing Ceroc move. The penguin is Luke’s favourite move of all time and he’s hoping to show you why with this masterclass. The penguin can stay on the spot, travel in a line, travel in a circle, and include a variety of entrances, exits and arm positions. The only thing they can’t do is fly!

Suitable for Intermediate Dancers

SUN 3.45pm – Burlesque with Veronika Oliver (SOLO)

Ooze confidence and sass in this Burlesque routine taught by the incredible talent that is Veronika Oliver. Burlesque dress is encouraged, but if you are feeling shy then please come in your casuals…however, if you can, please bring a fan! There will be a performance opportunity in the Queen Vic at the end of the formal DJ sets!

Suitable for Female Solo Dancers

SUN 5pm – Showstoppers with Matt & Victoria (PARTNER)

Learn a batch of competition-worthy wow moves to impress both judges and your fellow dancers. Matt and Victoria are competition royalty and coach dancers around the country to elevate their dancing to Championship standard.
Suitable for Advanced Dancers

SUN 6:15pm – Superdrops with Tony & Hayley Epps (PARTNER)

Daring seducers, jaw-dropping dips and the most exhilarating drops, all whilst keeping the lady’s feet firmly on the ground. Impress your friends, thrill your dance partner, invigorate your move repertoire and become the master of the most exciting moves on the circuit.

Suitable for Advanced Dancers – Signed Disclaimer Required

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