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09-11 JUN 2023

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Get ready for an exhilarating experience at the Ceroc Escape Jamfest! Our event booklet is your guide to an action-packed weekend filled with dance, music, and wellness.

Prepare yourself for a jam-packed schedule featuring a diverse range of classes and music, catering to all dance styles from blues and Argentine tango to pop and SILC. Immerse yourself in intimate masterclasses where you’ll receive personalised instruction from talented instructors. Take a moment to relax and rejuvenate with soothing massages and well-being activities. The booklet also provides valuable information on essential aspects such as purchasing electricity, locating amenities, discovering local eateries and shops, and even includes the Mad Cab schedule for newbies and solo revellers. Additionally, find plenty of useful details about our dedicated crew, ensuring you have all the support you need throughout the event.

Get ready to make unforgettable memories and indulge in a weekend filled with dance, connection, and exploration.


Masterclasses offer intimate and focused learning experiences where participants can refine their skills and technique. These classes are conducted in fixed couples or solo, allowing for personalised teacher interaction. To participate, advance booking is required at a cost of £5 per person for fixed partnerships or solo attendees. You can conveniently secure your spot online before the event or inquire at the Weather Desk, subject to availability.

Please note that the Robin Windsor Masterclass has a separate pricing structure.

For attendees interested in Drops/Aerial style workshops, it is mandatory to visit the Weather Desk on Friday evening. This is to ensure that each participant completes a disclaimer form per person, prioritising safety and compliance.

SAT 10.45am – Cha Cha with Robin Windsor (PARTNER)

Robin Windsor is a highly acclaimed dancer who is best known for his appearances on Strictly Come Dancing. In his Cha Cha masterclass class, Robin brings his expertise and passion to teach newbies the fundamental steps and techniques of this exciting Latin dance style. Along with his partner Victoria Martin, they will create a welcoming and inclusive environment where you will feel comfortable and confident learning the basics of the cha cha.

The class will start with a warm-up to get everyone moving and ready to dance. Robin and Victoria will then break down the basic steps of the cha cha, including the chasse, the lock step, and the Cuban motion. They will demonstrate each step in detail, providing clear and easy-to-follow instructions. Throughout the masterclass, they will provide feedback and guidance to help you improve your technique and feel more comfortable with the dance.

By the end of the class, you will have gained a newfound appreciation for the cha cha and the confidence to take your new skills to the Ceroc dance floor

Suitable for All Intermediate and Above Dancers – £25 per couple

SAT 12pm – The Perfect Partner with Jamie Eddy (PARTNER)

Join award-winning couple Jamie and Jen in this masterclass, packed with amazing hints, tips, and techniques to help you become the perfect Ceroc dance partner. Whether you’re a leader or a follower, this masterclass is designed to enhance your skills and take your dancing to the next level. With Jamie and Jen’s expertise, you’ll learn how to improve your connection, timing, and musicality, making you THE perfect partner on the dance floor. So don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the best!

Suitable for Intermediate + Dancers and above

SAT 1.15pm – Strollers with Lyndsey Hill (SOLO)

Join Mama D’s exciting masterclass and get ready to learn various versions of the “stroll” – a line dance that gained popularity during the rock and roll era in the 1950s and 1960s. Led by Lyndsey, the class will take you through several strollers, including the London stroll, the New York stroll, and the Wiggle. With Mama D’s fun and energetic teaching style, you’ll be able to learn and master the different steps and moves of each version in no time. Get your dancing shoes on and be prepared to have a blast as you groove to the rhythm of rock n roll music, then join Swingers Hour to show off your new skills!

Suitable for All Solo dancers

SAT 2.30pm – Adult Ballet with Rachel Pears (SOLO)

Ballet and Ceroc dancing may seem like two very different dance styles, but the truth is that they complement each other very well. Ballet training can significantly enhance your Ceroc dancing skills by improving your posture, balance, and flexibility, which are all essential elements in both. Join Rachel Pears for this intensive ballet masterclass and see for yourself!

Suitable for All Solo dancers

SAT 3.45pm – Free your Movement with Ellen Dacombe (SOLO)

Join Ellen in this exciting workshop as she takes you through a journey of discovery, exploring different rhythms and tempos to help you unleash your inner dancer. This workshop is designed to tap into your hidden potential and bring out a side of you that you never knew existed. Ellen’s expert guidance will help you explore the full spectrum of solo dancing, ranging from playful and energetic to soft and gentle movements, allowing you to develop your own unique style. What you learn in this workshop will shape your dancing forever, helping you to become a more versatile and confident dancer. Get ready to step outside your comfort zone and explore your full potential as a dancer.

Suitable for All Solo Dancers

SAT 5pm – Strictly Argentine Tango (PARTNER) with Warren Richardson

If you’ve been captivated by Argentine Tango on Strictly Come Dancing and want to give it a try, don’t let the reputation of its complexity discourage you. Join Warren’s Masterclass and learn how to simplify the technique to incorporate some fancy and flashy Argentine Tango moves into your dancing, just like the ones you’ve seen on the show. Best of all, you don’t need any prior Argentine Tango experience to participate. These new moves can be used to spice up your Ceroc dancing and impress your partner on the dance floor. Under Warren’s expert guidance, you’ll be able to learn and apply these new moves with ease, enhancing your dancing skills and confidence. So why wait?

Suitable for Intermediate + Dancers and above

SAT 6.15pm – Airborne with Tony & Hayley (PARTNER)

If you’re looking to take your dance skills to new heights, look no further than these two aerials masters. With years of experience under their belt, Tony and Hayley are experts at teaching you how to perform jaw-dropping lifts safely, accurately, and stylishly. From show-stopping competition moves to impressive lifts that will leave your audience speechless, these masters will guide you through every step of the way, ensuring that you feel confident and comfortable. Get ready to leave the ground and elevate your dancing skills to a whole new level with these two aerials masters.

Suitable for Advanced Dancers Only – Signed Disclaimer Required

SUN 10.45am – Call & Response with Max & Chrissy (PARTNER)

Join this exclusive masterclass with Max and Chrissy, the most current couple on the competition circuit, and learn the art of conversational dancing. Their expert guidance will help you develop the skills to create a collaborative dance experience with your partner, resulting in award-winning performances. You’ll discover how to communicate, respond to your partner’s movements, and build a seamless flow of motion. By incorporating their techniques into your dancing, you’ll transform your performance and create a captivating dance experience that will leave a lasting impression on the judges. Don’t miss this chance to learn from the best and take your dancing skills to the next level.

Suitable for All Intermediate + Dancers and Above

SUN 12.00pm – Partnered Top Cat with Tim Stevens (PARTNER)

Join master of funk Tim Stevens and his partner Emily in this workshop and learn techniques to improve your male and female styling and musicality. Gain confidence to impress judges and stand out on the dance floor without compromising the flow of your moves or connection with your partner. Tim’s expertise in funk and soul music combined with Emily’s sass will give you the skills to enhance your dancing and take it to the next level.

Suitable for All Intermediate + and Above Dancers

SUN 1.15pm – SuperDrops with Tony & Hayley Epps (PARTNER)

Are you ready to take your dance moves to the next level? Look no further than this thrilling workshop, where you’ll learn daring seducers, jaw-dropping dips, and exhilarating drops that will leave your audience in awe. But don’t worry, you’ll be able to keep your partner’s feet firmly on the ground as you master these impressive moves. With Tony & Hayley’s expert guidance, you’ll be able to invigorate your move repertoire and become a master of the most exciting moves on the dance circuit. Impress your friends, thrill your dance partner, and elevate your dancing skills to new heights with this unforgettable masterclass.

Suitable for Intermediate + Dancers and Above – Signed Disclaimer Required

SUN 2.30pm – SILC Developmental with Caine Langford (PARTNER)

Join the amazing Caine Langford in this masterclass that will challenge even the most competent SILC dancers, not just in terms of the complexity of movements, but in developing your own unique style of SILC that complements and exaggerates musical differences. With Caine’s guidance, you’ll explore the nuances of musicality, learning how to develop your own choreography and take ownership of your style. This class is perfect for those looking to take their SILC dancing to the next level and stand out on the dance floor.

Suitable for Advanced Dancers Only

SUN 3.45pm – Solo Sass with Ellen Dacombe (SOLO)

Join Ellen for a masterclass jam-packed with technique and styling to elevate your social partner dancing to the next level. In this session, you’ll learn a sassy, choreographed routine while also discovering new movements that you can take to the dance floor. With a repertoire of modern jive, west coast swing, reggaeton, commercial, contemporary, street dance, and zouk, Ellen will guide you in unleashing your inner style, ensuring that you stand out on the dance floor. This workshop is open to everyone, regardless of gender or skill level, from beginners to advanced dancers.

Suitable for All Solo dancers

SUN 5pm – Creating Opportunities with Caine Langford (PARTNER)

This masterclass takes a unique approach to lead and follow in dancing by giving both partners equal opportunities to create and influence the dance. By bending the rules of traditional dance techniques, the class will help you and your partner work collaboratively to come up with new and exciting movements during freestyle dancing. You will learn how to listen and respond to your partner’s movements, and how to incorporate your own creative ideas into the dance. This approach will not only make your dancing more dynamic and engaging but also deepen your connection and communication with your partner.

Suitable for Intermediate + Dancers and above

SUN 6.15pm – Full Body Experience with Barry Watson (PARTNER)

Rest assured, there is nothing sleazy about this workshop! Barry Watson, Ceroc London teacher and master of many dance styles, will teach you how to use your full body to lead and follow in Ceroc dancing, instead of relying solely on your legs and arms. He will show you how to incorporate your entire body in your dancing, improving your coordination, balance, and musicality. With Barry’s guidance, you will learn to move more fluidly and confidently, and become a better and more versatile dancer.

Suitable for Advanced Dancers

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