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24-26 JUN 2022


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EARLY BIRD 13 MAR 2018 – 17 APR 2018

SLO BIRD 18 APR 2018 – 24 MAY 2018

REG BIRD 25 MAY 2018 – 01 JUL 2018



Missed your chance to book for this event! Well if you have friends who are already booked and have scope to accommodate you in their apartment, then here is your chance to start sweet-talking your friends to be allowed the RIGHT to SQUAT in their chalet for £99 per person. (Note: Payment is not required in advance but cash payment will be required upon registration at the event).

Applications for Squatters Rights are only available for a limited period and subject to a maximum number.

No payment is required in advance, payment must be in cash (£99 per person) at the event.

The Group Leader will be responsible for organising the Squatters application, and therefore we will not speak or liaise directly with the ‘Squatter’.

All Squatters must be approved in advance by emailing, and only when you have received an email confirmation is when the acceptance of squatters have been agreed.

How to Apply

To apply for Squatters Rights, The Group Leader will be responsible for organising the squatters request and to provide a list of Squatters names in the format as set out below.

Squatters Name(s) Are as follows:
Name: First Last Name, Gender: Male/Female
Name: First Last Name, Gender: Male/Female

Applications should be sent to and for verification purposes, using the same email address as used in the original booking together with quoting your booking reference.

How to achieve a successful application

Provision for Squatters will be based on taking into account existing booking requirements and demonstrating that space is available determined by the apartment configuration. (No other permutations will be taking into account such as people swapping into other chalets in order to free up a bed).

We will consider single or multiple squatter applications. However, multiple squatters will ALL be required to register at the same time. No entry will be permitted for only some squatters (Absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS such as traffic delays, illness or bereavements, etc).

The integrity of the gender balancing is paramount, and therefore the eligibility of any application will be determined by the overall gender balancing of the event. We therefore will not be able to satisfy every request.

Single and Sharing products X2, do not qualify for Squatters Rights.

If application is successful or un-successful, we will email to confirm either way. Successful applications should be printed off and shown when registering at an event.


Registration of squatters will ONLY be accepted up to midnight on the Friday evening of the event. Any arrivals after Midnight or throughout the weekend will be declined.

The Squatters(s) MUST be accompanied by the Group Leader at the time of registration which will allow for the booking to be correctly identified.

Confirmation email showing the successful application will be required.

Registration can only be effected and wristband applied upon receiving £99. Payment can only be by way of cash and therefore no other methods of payment will be accepted.

Terms and Conditions

Squatters are no different to guests and therefore the Group Leader will be responsible for the Squatter in exactly the same way. This will include providing any relevant information to the Squatter ahead and at the event and dealing with any issues that may arise throughout the event.

The Squatter(s) MUST be accompanied by the Group Leader at the time of registration which will allow for the booking to be correctly identified.

Squatters MUST arrive and be registered by midnight on the Friday night of the event. Any arrivals after midnight or throughout the weekend will be rejected and the ‘Squatter’ will have to leave site. Therefore do not apply unless you know your friend is able to arrive in good time.

Provision of space in apartment is the responsibility of the Group Leader

3 nights accommodation. Multiple levels of self-catering accommodation to suit every budget.
The levels of accommodation include different features, but in general the standard is very plain and basic.

All apartments have an open-plan kitchen and lounge area with either a sofa-bed or a day-bed. Pans, dishes, and utensils are provided. Bedrooms have a combination of twin, double, single or bunk beds.

When choosing your apartment, please note some apartment types have metered electricity and no linen or towels.

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