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Please help your fellow dancers by only sharing this page link for the event booklet.

This helps dancers find the other important information on this page about the event.


The booklet for this year's event will be posted here a couple of week's before the event, but please check out the schedule for the last event to get an idea of the amazing classes and music that will be on offer!



Masterclasses are small classes that are taught in fixed couples. They provide teacher interaction and the opportunity to master the technique being taught. You do not have to be an advanced dancer to participate!
You do however have to book in advance at £5 per head in a fixed partnership. You can do this online before the event, or via the Weather Desk subject to availability.

All attendees at Drop/Aerial style workshops must report to the Weather Desk on Friday evening to ensure that they complete a disclaimer form per person

SAT 10.45am – Airborne with Tony & Hayley (PARTNER)

These two aerial masters are veterans at teaching people how to safely, accurately and stylishly perform showstopping lifts. Get ready to leave the ground with these stunning and challenging competition moves. 

Suitable for All Intermediate+ Dancers and Above – Signed Disclaimer Required

SAT 12pm – Swing for Ceroc Competition with Lyndsey Hill (PARTNER)

Have you been there…that dreaded sinking feeling when you find the genre for your category is Swing. How do you cope? How do you interpret swing through your Ceroc Dancing?  What moves will make you stand out from the competition? Join Swing maestros Lyndsey & Ben, with music supplied from Ceroc Competition DJs, and get an intensive one-hour technique and move masterclass that will give you all you need to own this genre! 

Suitable for Intermediate + Dancers and above

SAT 1.15pm – Solo Sass with Ellen Dacombe (SOLO)

If you want to ooooze confidence and attitude on the dancefloor, then join world class dancer Ellen for this challenging yet achievable masterclass. Via a set piece of choreography, Ellen will give you a sequence of sassy moves that you will feel comfortable with dancing in both a solo and partnered environment, ensuring you have the confidence to ‘bring it’ on the social and competition dancefloor. 

Suitable for Intermediate Dancers and above

SAT 2.30pm – Style: Break The Mould with Veronika Oliver (PARTNER)

Veronika Oliver, musicality Queen, invites you to break the mould and explore different options for styling in this unique masterclass. Your task is to bring your own favourite moves to the Masterclass. Veronika will then breathe new life into them with styling options, musical interpretation and innovative variations. You provide the material…she’ll work the magic! 

Suitable for All Dancers

SAT 3.45pm – Technical Challenge with Matt & Steph (PARTNER)

Do you think you have mastered all things Ceroc? Do you brag about how good you are? Well put your money where your mouth is and join Matt and Steph on their Advanced technical challenge – this workshop is not for the feint hearted and is strictly Advanced Dancers only, due to the complex nature of these moves and speed of learning! 

Suitable for Advanced Dancers

SAT 5pm – Sensual Bachata with Dan Akers (PARTNER)

Imagine being in a late-night bachata club, where you and your partner get lost in the rhythm…and each other… No this isn’t a seedy romance book, this is Dan Aker’s masterclass on sensual, close hold Bachata! Using connection points from top to toe, intimate styling and expert musicality, join our Latin king for this popular, sell out masterclass.  

Suitable for Intermediate+ Dancers and above

SAT 6.15pm – Argentine Tango 1-2-1 with Marc & Rachel (PARTNER)

With a maximum of 8 couples, Tango aficionados Marc and Rachel invite Blush Argentine Tango dancers to use this masterclass as a 1-2-1 private lesson, where this amazing duo will analyse, correct and work with you to better your tango technique. £20 per couple.

Suitable for Intermediate Dancer and above

SUN 10.45am – Solo Charleston with Hayley Epps (SOLO)

Swingers hour is just not the same without a Charleston Stroll or two, so come and learn to swivel, tap, rotate and flap with the highly energetic Hayley Epps. Laughter guaranteed! 

Suitable for Intermediate Dancers and above

SUN 12pm: Ready, Set, Skills – SPINS with Ellen Dacombe (PARTNER)

Spinning is arguably one of the toughest techniques to master, and in many cases can take years to get right without the right pointers.  Join Multi-Open Winner Ellen Dacombe where she will de-construct the spin in a way that will make sense for all level of dancer, lead or follow, guiding you on your journey to reach the ultimate, controlled, multiple spin! 

Suitable for Intermediate+ Dancers and above

SUN 1.15pm – Heightened Senses with Matt & Steph (PARTNER)

Matt and Steph bring you this popular masterclass, where you and your partner can discover the most perfect connection through the elimination of all external dance noise. This workshop uses blindfolds to help heighten senses and concentrate on matching your compression, tension and movement. 

Suitable for Intermediate Dancers and above

SUN 2.30pm – SILC New Moves with Caine Langford (PARTNER)

Want to dance SILC like the advanced professionals? Then come and pick up the latest advanced skills and moves with the smooth and SILCY Caine Langford. 

Suitable for Advanced Dancers

SUN 3.45pm – Burlesque with Veronika Oliver (SOLO)

Ooze confidence and sass in this Burlesque routine taught by the incredible talent that is Veronika Oliver. Burlesque dress is encouraged, but if you are feeling shy then please come in your casuals…however, if you can, please bring a hat for the practice and performance! There will be a performance opportunity in the Queen Vic at the end of the formal DJ sets! 

Suitable for Female Solo Dancers

SUN 5pm – Step Into Zouk with Barry Watson (PARTNER)

Zouk (also known as Brazilian Zouk) is one of the most fun and incredible Latin partner dances out there, known and loved for its fluid flowing momentum.  Join Ceroc London’s teacher Barry for this introduction to Zouk masterclass, and learn the basic movement and footwork for Zouk music. 

Suitable for Intermediate Dancers and above

SUN 6:15pm – Superdrops with Tony & Hayley Epps (PARTNER)

Daring seducers, jaw-dropping dips and the most exhilarating drops, all whilst keeping the lady’s feet firmly on the ground. Impress your friends, thrill your dance partner, invigorate your move repertoire and become the master of the most exciting moves on the circuit.

Suitable for Advanced Dancers – Signed Disclaimer Required


Steve & Kate are one of the UK’s Top Teaching Couples on the West Coast Swing circuit. Always in exceptionally high demand, they are known for their fun, engaging classes, strong focus on technique and unique approach to teaching.  They have also brought together their own JT (Jordan & Tatiana) team putting together jaw-dropping West Coast Swing performances which have been a highlight at previous Escape Weekenders.

Please see the instructions below to book the WCS tracks on offer.

  1. Use the online registration form (link below) to book for WCS Tracks.
  2. £25 per track or £40 for both.
  3. A BLUSH 2023 weekender ticket is also required.
  4. Places for solo females are likely to go on hold very quickly. Booking as a couple and/or encouraging others to book will help release more spaces.
  5. Contact if you would like to go on the wait list.



Friday 9:00pm – 10.00pm
New to WCS Track – Tune-Up

Getting back into the swing of things and revisiting the fundamentals.

Saturday 12:00pm – 1:00pm
New to WCS Track – Variations & Shaping

Learning to create more interesting shapes in your WCS as a partnership and individually.

Saturday 1:00pm – 2:00pm
New to WCS Track – Creativitity

Leaders learning how to increase your pattern repertoire and followers learning how to influence the shape of a pattern.

Saturday 5:00pm – 6:00pm
Experienced Track – The ‘Perfect’ One

Working on the quality of movement and learning the difference between straight counts, delayed and hitch rhythms.

Sunday 1:00pm – 2:00pm
Experienced Track – Turns & Spins

Working on turn technique for leaders and followers and introducing technique for one-footed spins.

Sunday 2:00pm – 3:00pm
Experienced Track – Musicality

Revisiting phrasing and hitting the ‘one’ in creative ways.



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