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22 - 25 NOV 2024

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Are you excited for Bliss yet? The schedule is now ready, take a sneak peek at everything on offer at Bliss and start planning out your weekend.


Masterclasses are small classes that are taught in fixed couples. They provide teacher interaction and the opportunity to master the technique being taught. You do not have to be an advanced dancer to participate!
You do however have to book in advance at £5 per head in a fixed partnership. You can do this online before the event, or via the Weather Desk subject to availability.

All attendees at Drop/Aerial style workshops must report to the Weather Desk on Friday evening to ensure that they complete a disclaimer form per person

SAT 10.45am – Simply Seducers with Steve Thomas (PARTNER)

Learn the art of the ‘seducer’ dance move from the master himself, Steve Thomas, in this detailed masterclass. Steve will delve into the technique for both leading and following, introduce the importance of frame and core, and as your confidence grows, he’ll lead you through various entrances, exits and styling opportunities to increase your seducer repertoire.

Suitable for Int dancers


SAT 12pm – Technical Challenge with Matt & Steph Blain (PARTNER)

Think you’ve mastered everything Ceroc? Do you boast about your skills? Well, it’s time to back up your words and take on Matt and Steph’s Advanced Technical Challenge. This workshop is exclusively for advanced dancers, as it involves complex moves and rapid learning – not for the faint-hearted!

Suitable for Adv Dancers Only


SAT 1.15pm – The Joy of Improv with Ekow Odoru (PARTNER)

In this masterclass, we’ll embark on a journey to discover the pure joy and exhilarating freedom that comes with improvisational movement.

Say goodbye to rigid choreographed routines as Ekow delves into the magic of dancing in the moment. His focus will be on letting go of pre-planned patterns and learning how to intuitively respond to the music, unlocking a deeply personal and spontaneous dance experience.

Join him in exploring the beauty of dance that flows naturally, where each step and gesture becomes a heartfelt expression of the music and your unique spirit.

Suitable for Int+ Dancers only


SAT 2.30pm – Ducks & Dips with Karen Toko (PARTNER)

If you seek speed, technical prowess, and dramatic flair, Karen’s masterclass is your ultimate destination. Her extraordinary sequence of moves, featuring ducks, spins, and dips, sets the stage for a phenomenal performance, ideal for the competition dance floor.

Suitable for Intermediate + Dancers and Above


SAT 3.45pm – Power Turns with Luke Scrivens (PARTNER)

Join Luke for an exhilarating class where you’ll discover the secrets to mastering powerful turns and spins that will set the dance floor on fire! Whether you lead or follow, this workshop is designed to elevate your dance game as Luke dives deep into the essential techniques needed to execute these impressive moves with finesse. Luke will delve into a diverse repertoire of whips, turns, and spins that will thrill even the most ardent adrenaline junkies on the main dance floor.

Suitable for Intermediate + Dancers and Above


SAT 5pm – Strictly Argentine Tango with Warren Richardson (PARTNER)

If you’re already familiar with Argentine Tango and looking to take your skills up a notch, you’re in the right place! Join our Masterclass with Warren to learn some fancy and flashy Argentine Tango moves inspired by Strictly Come Dancing. These moves will not only spice up your Tango but also add a new dimension to your Ceroc.

Suitable for Int+ Dancers Only


SAT 6.15pm – Super Drops with Tony & Hayley (PARTNER)

Are you ready to take your dance moves to the next level? Look no further than this thrilling workshop, where you’ll learn daring seducers, jaw-dropping dips, and exhilarating drops that will leave your audience in awe. But don’t worry, you’ll be able to keep your partner’s feet firmly on the ground as you master these impressive moves. With Tony & Hayley’s expert guidance, you’ll be able to invigorate your move repertoire and become a master of the most exciting moves on the dance circuit. Impress your friends, thrill your dance partner, and elevate your dancing skills to new heights with this unforgettable masterclass.

Suitable for Advanced Dancers – Signed Disclaimer Required


SUN 10.45am – Frequent Flyers with Tony & Hayley (PARTNER)

If you’re looking to fly high this weekend, look no further than these two aerials masters. With years of experience under their belt, Tony and Hayley are experts at teaching you how to perform jaw-dropping lifts safely, accurately, and stylishly. From showstopping competition moves to impressive lifts that will leave your audience speechless, these masters will guide you through every step of the way, ensuring that you feel confident and comfortable. Get ready to leave the ground and elevate your dancing skills to a whole new level with these two aerials Gods.

Suitable for Advanced Dancers – Signed Disclaimer Required


SUN 12pm: Belly Dance with Veronika Oliver (SOLO)

Join the talented Veronika Oliver for a one-hour Belly Dance class that will leave you feeling empowered and graceful. Veronika’s teaching style is welcoming and supportive, making the class perfect for both beginner and experienced dancers. During the class, Veronika will guide you through the fundamentals of Belly Dance, including isolations, undulations, and shimmies. You’ll learn how to move your body in a fluid and controlled manner, enhancing your strength and flexibility. With upbeat music and a positive atmosphere, this class is the perfect way to explore this beautiful dance form while having fun and improving your fitness.

Suitable for All Ladies


SUN 1.15pm – Body Isolation & Stops with Toni Sails (PARTNER)

At this masterclass, Toni will be teaching a comprehensive range of chest and hip isolations that can be led physically. This crucial skill benefits both leads and followers, enabling them to move their entire body in sync with the music, beyond just using their feet and arms. By incorporating isolations and body roll type movements, Toni will empower dancers to connect with the intricate beats present in music styles heavily influenced by Zouk, RnB, and pop. These expressive movements allow you to hit those complex beats with precision and grace, elevating your dancing to a whole new level. 

Suitable for Advanced Dancers


SUN 2.30pm – Heightened Senses with Matt & Steph Blain (PARTNER)

Learn how to 𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘭𝘭𝘺 listen to your partner in this unique class where, through the use of blindfolds, you’ll both discover how to enhance your connection through movement alone. Learn to communicate your lead with clarity, and follow on a more instinctive level. 

Suitable for Int+ Dancers and above


SUN 3.45pm – Levels with Dan Hewitt-Green (PARTNER)

Embark on a dance journey like no other! Discover how to masterfully build your repertoire by harnessing various levels of energy and incorporating an array of moves that will leave a lasting impression on the dance floor. In this class, you’ll also delve into the world of musicality, learning how to harmonise your movements with the rhythm and melodies, making your dance an exquisite expression of the music. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your Ceroc skills and become a standout presence on the dance floor.

Suitable for Int+ Dancers Only


SUN 5pm – Micro Blues with Jo Hart (PARTNER)

Join Blues competition winner Jo Hart for a one-hour master class to learn the fundamentals of this unique style of Blues dancing. During the class, Jo will guide you through the technique of Micro Blues, which focuses on creating small, smooth movements that match the music’s nuances. You’ll learn how to lead and follow with precision and fluidity, enhancing your connection with your partner.

Suitable for Int+ Dancers only


SUN 6:15pm – S7RUT with Barry Watson (PARTNER)

Join us for an exciting S7RUT session led by Barry Watson! In his Partnered Masterclass, Barry blends elements of solo dancing with Ceroc, infusing hints of Bachata and Zouk. The result is a dynamic performance piece that can be seamlessly integrated onto both social and competitive dance floors.

Suitable for Intermediate+ Dancers and above



Learn to SILC in a day with Kieran and Charlie at Camber Bliss 

Are you ready to elevate your dance skills to new heights? We’ve got something original and exciting lined up for you at Bliss. 

Introducing the SILC Bootcamp with none other than Kieran Moore and Charlie Brownlee, the brilliant minds behind SILC. Get ready for a deep dive into the world of SILC like never before. 

Here’s what you can expect: 

Duration: 4 hours of immersive SILC tuition.   

In-Depth Learning: Explore the intricacies of SILC with two of the finest instructors in the dance world. Kieran and Charlie will guide you through every step, helping you master the art of smooth, improvised, leadable, and connected dancing. The Bootcamp is progressive where Kieran & Charlie will take you from basics all the way through to Developmental, the highest SILC level. Learn to master SILC in one day. 

Meet the Masters: Kieran and Charlie are renowned for their expertise in SILC, and now you have the chance to learn from the best! Their passion and knowledge will inspire you to take your dancing to the next level. 

Kieran & Charlie have a combined dance experience of 36 years.  

Kieran began his dance journey in Birmingham in 2010 and moved to Suffolk in 2012 to join forces with Charlie and run Ceroc in the area. Charlie is born and bred in Ipswich and has danced nearly all her life. 

They have both ran Ceroc events in the Suffolk & Essex area since 2012, including regular classes at Marks Tey, Colchester on a Wednesday night. Those of you lucky enough to attend the huge PRIZM Freestyles at the Charter Hall in Colchester will know that these guys know how to put on a show and run a top event that attracted people from all over the UK.  

Kieran & Charlie can be found at all the top events across the UK and they are as approachable as they are inspirational. They are both veterans on the circuit now, viewed as the premier SILC dance couple and regular teachers on all the Ceroc Weekenders. Their popularity continues to soar, their style, moves and routines are smooth, seamless & effortless. Outside of their obvious Ceroc talent, Kieran & Charlie are accomplished WCS dancers and have been instrumental in the development of the popular SILC syllabus. This combination of talents enables them to create smooth, effortlessly flowing routines that will inspire you to take your dancing to the next level. 

Please note that this Bootcamp is limited to 15 couples, ensuring a personalised and enriching experience.  

The cost is £55 per couple. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your dancing prowess and embrace the world of SILC with Kieran and Charlie!  


Guess who’s returned? It’s none other than Robin Windsor from Strictly Come Dancing, and he’s here to offer you a trio of fantastic workshops with his amazing partner Gordana: 

Workshop 1: Ballroom Jive – Discover Ballroom Jive moves that seamlessly blend into your Ceroc dancing – Limited to 15 couples.  

Workshop 2: Partnered Samba, the ultimate party dance! – Limited to 15 couples. 

Workshop 3: Solo Jazz – Dive into the actual “All That Jazz” choreography from the renowned West End show, Chicago – Open to 30 individuals.  

About Robin Windsor: 

Robin’s dance journey began at the age of three in Ipswich, mastering Ballroom and Latin dance and clinching numerous championships. He joined ‘Burn The Floor’ in 2001, embarking on a decade-long global tour and performing on shows like ‘Dancing With The Stars Australia’ and ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ in Holland, even assisting in choreography for the Australian version. In 2010, Robin became a household name on ‘Strictly Come Dancing,’ partnering with several celebrities and winning the Glitterball Trophy in the 2011 Children In Need Special. He headlined at London’s Shaftesbury Theatre in ‘Burn The Floor’ and received an Honorary Degree from Suffolk University in 2017. Robin’s pandemic-era online classes brought people together, particularly in care homes, and he’s now touring the UK with ‘Come What May’ for the second time, spreading joy to theaters across the country. 

About Gordana: 

Hailing from Slovenia, Gordana embarked on her dance journey at age 10, excelling in Ballroom and Latin-American dancing. Since 2000, she has graced renowned stages worldwide, from Broadway to the Royal Albert Hall, performing for the Queen and the entire Royal Family. Her diverse career includes appearances on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, a role as a Real Housewife of Slovenia, and nominations at prestigious film festivals for her short film “Choose Love,” co-created with her husband Trent Whiddon. Gordana’s choreography credits extend to notable figures like Kevin Spacey, and she has toured the globe with “Burn The Floor” and contributed to TV shows like “So You Think You Can Dance.” 

The pricing is as follows: 

£35 per couple for each partnered lesson. 

Solo participants can join for just £15 each. 

Any Questions?