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10-12 MAR 2023

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STORM 2022


For those attending a Ceroc weekender for the first time or a solo reveller eager to meet like-minded people, the Mad Cab team are here for you! Their goal is to take you with them on a pre-mapped out journey, including social gatherings, classes, freestyles and parties, to ensure you experience the full flavour of a Ceroc Escape dance weekender. 

Our team have been selected for their friendly, fun, and in some cases mischievous personalities, plus they understand everything there is to know about how to get the most out of your weekend! 

“The Mad Cab team idea was brilliant. A lovely way of meeting up with fellow sole attenders. It made a real difference to my experience knowing that there would be regular times to check in with the crew and other dancers, enhancing a sense of involvement.” 

Want to take your teacher home with you?


Masterclasses are small classes that are taught in fixed couples. They provide teacher interaction and the opportunity to master the technique being taught. You do not have to be an advanced dancer to participate!
You do however have to book in advance at £5 per head in a fixed partnership. You can do this online before the event, or via the Weather Desk subject to availability.

All attendees at Drop/Aerial style workshops must report to the Weather Desk on Friday evening to ensure that they complete a disclaimer form per person

SAT 10.45am – Airborne with Tony & Hayley (PARTNER)

These two aerials masters are veterans at teaching people how to safely, accurately and stylishly perform jaw dropping lifts. Get ready to leave the ground with these showstopping competition moves.
Suitable for Advanced Dancers Only – Signed Disclaimer Required

SAT 12pm – Your Spin On It with Emma Wright (SOLO)

It’s undeniable…every dancer wants to learn how to improve their spins and reach the dizzying ranks of multiple spins and turns. Whether you’re a lead or a follow, Emma will take you through the secrets of successful spinning, and leave you gagging to get back onto that freestyle floor to try out your new skills.

Suitable for All Solo

SAT 1.15pm – Strictly Tango: The Showy Stuff with Warren Richardson (PARTNER)

You love watching Argentine Tango on Strictly and really want to try it. But . . . you’ve heard it’s really difficult and takes years of practice to master. Well not for this Masterclass! Warren simplifies the technique to give you some really fancy, flashy, sexy Argentine Tango moves, just like you’ve seen on Strictly. These can be used to spice up your Ceroc, but best of all, no Argentine Tango experience is required.

Suitable for Intermediate Dancers and above

SAT 2.30pm – Freeze Frame with Max & Chrissy (PARTNER)

Competition royalty Max and Chrissy have devised a brand new Masterclass to look at the aesthetic of your dancing, the crispness of your form and your shapes and lines. Master that picture perfect moment with your favourite partner, then hunt for the photographer!
Suitable for Intermediate + Dancers and above

SAT 3.45pm – Superdrops with Tony & Hayley Epps (PARTNER)

Daring seducers, jaw-dropping dips and the most exhilarating drops, all whilst keeping the lady’s feet firmly on the ground. Impress your friends, thrill your dance partner, invigorate your move repertoire and become the master of the most exciting moves on the circuit.
Suitable for Advanced Dancers – Signed Disclaimer Required

SAT 5pm – Style Across The Genres with Dan Hewitt-Green (PARTNER)

This one is for couples who would love to play around with musicality. Dan will take you on a journey of the different genres that you will hear in the main room and provide you with the perfect repertoire to dance to each. Adapt your dancing for Pop, Latin, Chillout and perfect a set of foundation moves for any track that is played.

Suitable for All Intermediate Dancers and Above

SAT 6.15pm – Ultimate Connection with Danni & Caine (PARTNER)

Famous for their SILC Sunday events, and renowned across the country for their technical prowess in freestyle, Danni and Caine are the perfect duo to teach advanced connection techniques. Elevate your dancing.

Suitable for Intermediate + Dancers and above

SUN 10.45am – Ready, Set, Skills (Isolations) with Ellen Dacombe (SOLO)

Learn how to style independently, segment and isolate your body with one of the most stylish and technical dancers on the circuit. At her Camber debut Ellen will cover movement, control and dynamic quality focussing on hips, shoulders and chest, all culminating in an awesome solo choreography that combines all of your new skills.

Suitable for All Solo Dancers

SUN 12pm: Afrobeat with Tony Sails (SOLO)

A solo class that combines fitness, styling and technique, all whilst developing a fun routine to African rhythms.
Suitable for All Solo Dancers

SUN 1.15pm –Tango Vals (Waltz) with Warren & Rachel (PARTNER)

Argentine Tango’s most elegant and gorgeous rhythm. This Vals (Waltz) masterclass is full of simple yet sophisticated flowing and twirling patterns. So much fun and you will be amazed how quickly we get you gliding across the dancefloor. Some of this you can also incorporate into your Ceroc! Suitable for both total tango beginners & more experienced tango dancers.

Suitable for Intermediate Dancers and above

SUN 2.30pm – SILC New Moves with Charlie & Kieran (PARTNER)

Watching this awesome couple dance is enough to get you hooked on their style. Want to dance SILC like the advanced professionals? Then come and pick up their advanced skills and latest moves.
Suitable for Advanced Dancers

SUN 3.45pm – Solo Reggaeton with Ellen Dacombe (SOLO)

At her Camber debut, Ellen breaks down styling and body isolations in this fun solo Reggaeton routine. This unique style of Solo Reggaeton blends Jamaican and Latin American influences. Let those hips swing, booty shake and body flow freely in this highly addictive session.
Suitable for All Solo Dancers

SUN 5pm – Freestyle Impact with Max & Chrissy (PARTNER)

Max and Chrissy are back with another debut masterclass. Freestyle impact looks at seizing the moment and creating powerful impressions in your dancing. Whether you are in a competition, on the freestyle floor or just showing off in front of friends, Freestyle Impact will ensure you impress from the first moment.

Suitable for Advanced Dancers Only

SUN 6.15pm – A Frame Of Two Halves with Ivan & Kate (PARTNER)

Frame is the backbone of every Intermediate plus and Advanced move in Ceroc. It helps both parties to lead and follow Footwork, Seducers, Whips, Switches, Scrolls and a wealth of other dance genres. Ivan and Kate break down the mystique and provide top tips for enhancing your frame and connection with your partner.

Suitable for Intermediate Dancers and above



Your purchase includes admission to freestyles, workshops and accommodation. Admission to freestyles and workshops are controlled by gender identified wrist bands as specified in your purchase. (For more information see FAQs). Accommodation is allocated based on your requirements.

Please speak to Barry to book on 0208 156 2866 for the following coming events:

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