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05-07 NOV 2021

This is specifically for our BLISS 2021 event at Camber Sands
Details for other events will be published on their own event pages and based on information and guidance available at the time.


1) Everyone will show photo ID on arrival.

2) Everyone will show either LFT report or certain PCR results if applicable.

3) Everyone needs to know the permitted arrival times.

4) No exceptions or exemptions.

This will help us register and provide your wristband as quickly as possible so you can enjoy your dancing!

Please share this information with everyone in your group.




  1. Prepare your photo ID.
  2. Get the free home testing kits:
  3. Practice following the instructions for self-testing including reporting all results to the NHS:



  1. Show photo ID together with the email or text message from the NHS with your name and negative test result dated that day.
  2. Do not bring the actual LFT device or a photo of it.

Prepare now by ordering the free tests, self-testing and reporting as per the NHS instructions.




  1. Show photo ID together with proof of a POSITIVE PCR result dated on or after 06 August 2021 by showing the email or text message sent to you notifying you of the result.
  2. You must also be feeling well and be allowed to have stopped self-isolating. For more information, see the NHS information:



OPTION TWO is an alternative to OPTION ONE for a small number of people who tested positive for COVID-19 in the 90 days before the event. OPTION TWO is only because re-tests within 90 days of an infection might show a false positive.

If your POSITIVE PCR result is dated 05 August 2021 or before then you must use OPTION ONE to enter this event.

Photo ID and a POSITIVE PCR result dated between 06 August 2021 and 25 October 2021 (inclusive) is acceptable for OPTION TWO provided you no longer have to self-isolate.

Any POSITIVE PCR results dated on or after 26 October 2021 will be acceptable for OPTION TWO if you are also showing proof from the NHS that your self-isolation date finishes before attending. You must be eligible to stop self-isolating because you have completed the 10 days and you no longer have applicable symptoms as per the NHS information about when to stop self-isolating:


Our temporary COVID arrival procedures means check-in registration (to get your wristband and chalet key) will only be possible between these times:

FRIDAY from 3pm/4pm/5pm(*) until 4am Saturday morning

SATURDAY from 10am until 10pm

SUNDAY from 10am until 8pm

(* Friday 3pm/4pm/5pm depending on your chalet type i.e. Club can check-in from 3pm, but Budget is from 5pm)

if you arrive outside of these times, you will not be able to access the main building until the COVID check desk opens the following morning. This will mean no dancing until the following day!

Where should I go when I first arrive?

Initial entry to the main building will only be granted after your photo ID and COVID check. You will be given a temporary hand stamp that will then permit you entry to the main building to receive your wristband and chalet key.

Friday before 10pm, go to the large marquee between the main building and club chalets (green arrow 1). Checks and the hand stamp will take place in there. Then go to the main building for your wristband and chalet key.

Friday after 10pm, use the left-hand doors at the main entrance (blue arrow 2)

The right-hand door (orange arrow 3) and other entrances are ONLY if you have been checked and have your initial handstamp or wristband.

Friday Arrivals

Arrivals on Saturday or Sunday should also use the left-hand entrance (blue arrow 2) and attract the attention of the internal wristband checker to have someone come to you.

Photo ID - everyone needs to show something on arrival


  1. Driving licence (photocard format)
  2. Passport
  3. National ID cards (e.g. as issued by some EU/EEA countries)
  4. A proof of age card with PASS hologram
  5. Government employee cards such as MOD, NHS, emergency services
  6. “Personal Licence” issued under the Licensing Act 2003
  7. Credit/debit card issued by a bank that prints your photo on it for verification purposes
  8. Travel cards (e.g. Freedom Pass) issued by a local/regional authority
  9. CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) cards
Lateral flow testing (LFT)

Ceroc’s requirements:

  1. Get the free home testing kits:
  2. Follow the instructions for self-testing including reporting all results to the NHS:
  3. On the day of arriving, self-test, report the result to the NHS, then with your photo ID, show the reported NEGATIVE result by showing the email or text message sent to you by the NHS.


Further information to answer frequently asked questions

Rapid self-test ‘Lateral Flow Testing’ (LFT) is currently free from the NHS whilst the NHS is advising everyone without symptoms to regularly test twice a week (every 3 to 4 days) and to also test before/after being present in certain settings.

There are four kits available from the NHS. The original involves a sample from the throat and nose. It takes a few minutes to prepare and then 30 minutes for the result to process. Pharmacies are most likely to be giving out this type of kit but might also begin to have the new kits.

Three new kits are now nose only. They also take a few minutes to prepare and then a waiting time of 15 minutes for the result. These are very likely to be supplied when ordering online to be posted to you.

For all rapid tests, the control line should appear very quickly. See the instructions with your specific test kit for the waiting time but this is between 15 and 30 minutes depending on the kit.

Therefore it generally takes at least 20 minutes per person to conduct the test and get a result.

As per the instructions, the results are void after 20-30 minutes (depending on the kit). This is one reason why you need to report the result, dispose of the device and not bring the device to the actual event.



You can still report the result even if not registered with the NHS. You can most likely make arrangements to get the kits from someone before the event and doing this like everyone else will give you the best experience.


Exemptions or exceptions
All attendees must adhere to the event instructions. There are no exemptions or exceptions.

This is allowed by the Equality Act 2010 as a proportionate means of achieving a legitimate aim of ensuring that everyone in attendance is at a lower-risk of transmitting COVID-19 to others.

During the event including if you feel unwell

Wash your hands regularly
Frequently use hand sanitiser provided
The wearing of masks is optional for all
Respect others’ choices in who they dance with
Do not close windows or doors
Do not touch or move any fans

Respect your fellow dancers: do not enter the dance spaces/building
Contact Ceroc First Aid: