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Frequently Asked Questions

Gender Balance

How are you controlling the gender mix when booking?

When there is a gender disparity between the men and women booking for ‘Swish’ (and in reality we mean more women) then the control will kick in.

This means as a woman, when you book on-line, unless you are booking, where the number of men is at least the equivalent or greater than the number of women then your booking will not be accepted.

Once the gender disparity ratio has been corrected the bookings for women will reopen as normal.

Unlike other events, we believe that getting the balance of men to women is important in terms of making this an enjoyable event for everyone.

It will certainly help if you endeavour to gender balance your  bookings with dance friends before you try and book.

I'm a lady and I want to go to Swish. How can I do this if there is gender imbalance existing and you are thus not accepting bookings from ladies?

As a lady wishing to come to Swish you can do a number of things.

* You book as a mixed gender couple.
* You book in a mixed gender group with an equivalent number of men to women.
* You place a message on the SWISH “Message Board” found in the “SWISH Home” page.
* You find a group of men at your local venue who want to go to Swish but have not got around to booking yet. Get them to book on line and then use their booking to balance your ladies only booking. When they book they will be given a booking reference which will then need to be passed on to you. You then email us (within 48 hours, our contact details are in “Contact” page) quoting the men’s booking reference and your group’s details in full.

How will you manage and control the gender mix at the event?
When registering at ‘SWISH’ the men will be issued with a coloured wristband and the ladies will be issued with a different coloured wristband which will have to be worn at all times when in the main entertainments complex.

The wrist bands will be checked at the entrances to the main entertainments building to ensure the wearer has the correct coloured wrist band.

If you are therefore a female thinking of pretending to be a male when booking, you will not be allowed into the entertainments complex. This is a strict rule and will be implemented.

How will you manage the gender balance?
Our booking system will tell us when we have an excess of a particular gender and we shall at that point stop taking bookings for that gender unless they are able to book with someone else of the opposite sex.
This gender control is really frustrating as I want to book now?
We totally accept that this is frustrating, but we believe it’s an important feature of our weekend event. It’s all very well going dancing on an evening and there being an imbalance, but for a weekend we believe this is unacceptable so we want to try and do something about it.

It’s also worth noting that from our perspective we are not only going to lose potential sales by implementing this system but we are also generating ourselves lots of additional administration.

Is your 'gender balancing' not illegal under the equal opportunities laws?
Actually no it is not! We have consulted with the Equal Opportunities Commision as part of our due diligence procedures and they have confirmed in writing that this is not illegal as long as we make available equal numbers of tickets for ladies and gents.


Can I book on my own?

Yes you can, please see “For 1 Person” on the Booking page.

What Credit / Debit cards are accepted?
All major credit or debit cards will be accepted.
Which organisation is processing my payments?
Potters Leisure Resort will be processing all payments for SWISH.
How long can I leave it before I book the accommodation I want?
All accommodation are booked on a first come, first served basis and therefore you can safely assume that a number of accommodation choices will sell out.
Can I pay for just one night?
No, this is an accommodated event only for the whole weekend.

Under the terms and conditions of our hire agreement with Potters we can sell only accommodated spaces to our guests.

What will I receive in the post and when?

After payment of your deposit, you will receive a booking confirmation letter from Potters Leisure Resort. This letter will detail the final amount due.

When you arrive at the resort you just need to know your group leaders surname and for your own peace of mind the booking reference number.

When you arrive on site we will ask you to register and you will be given your information pack.

Can I bring children?
No, this is an adult only weekend.
What if I book and then can no longer go and need to cancel?
You can try and sell your place(s) on our “Message Board” from Home page.
I am an event organiser and would like to know whether I could bring a large group of dancers to this event?
Please email/call us, our contact details are in “Contact” page.
When do I get my tickets?
You will receive a letter from Potters Leisure Resort, through the post, notifying you of the outstanding balance and the date by which it must be paid.

At registration you will be issued further details of the full weekend’s entertainment and activities.

What if I want to change my booking?

Please email/call us on: 01634 240700 or

Can I buy just a 'Wristband'

As this is a full board dance weekend, you’re unable to purchase just a ‘wristband’ for the event. 


Do all the rooms have microwaves?
No – there is no need for this as all your meals are included in your break!
Do all the rooms have towels, free electricity and basic necessities like toilet paper?
Yes – please see the accommodation page for precise room specification.
Does my room have a sunken Jacuzzi and TV to watch at the same time?
Yes, some do! This is a 5 star resort after all – please see the accommodation page for precise room specification.
Do the rooms have heating and bedding?
Yes, all rooms have full central heating and bedding.
Is there a bathroom pack?
In all accommodation you will find soap and all your bathroom needs.
Are there disabled facilities?
Yes, there is some accommodation specifically equipped for disabled guests and all the dance venues are wheelchair friendly. Please call us to discuss your particular requirements.
How many keys will be available per room?
There will be two keys available per room, additional keys may be available, please ask at Potters reception.
Will my room be cleaned?
Yes – rooms will be cleaned on a daily basis (except bungalows, which aren’t cleaned on Sunday).
Can I get fresh towels?
Yes – these are changed on a daily basis.


Is there a swimming pool on site?
Yes there is, so don’t forget to pack your swim wear. There is a main pool for the serious swimmer as well as the beach which is just a short walk from the resort. Please see “Event” page for more info.
Can I buy food on site?

All meals are inclusive and your drinks too. There is also a shop which can provide all the essentials.

What's the parking situation?
There isn’t a problem with this at Swish as the site has plenty of on site parking and an overflow car park opposite the main entrance.


What is covered in the cost?

Your booking covers your accommodation, entrance to all the workshops and freestyles, sports facilities, meals and all the entertainment.

Extra charges apply for certain sports. Please see “Event” page for more info.

Details for prices and how to book will be available at Potters.

What time can we check in and depart?

You can arrive from midday and pay a little extra for lunch. The programme of events start from 2pm and the All-Inclusive and check-in is from 3pm on the Friday and you need to vacate your rooms by 10am on the Monday morning.

Are the main Dance Areas air conditioned?
As it stands the main rooms do not have air conditioning. We will however have a small army of fans and air conditioning units in the main rooms causing a ‘SWISH’ of air of their own!
Do I have to book for the workshops / activities in advance?
No, there is no need to book places on any of the available workshops. You can simply stroll up and join in any class. A full schedule of workshops will be available online from the 1st February and when you arrive on site.
What time does the freestyle end?
The freestyle will go on through until the early hours. Please check out our schedule when it’s available online or at SWISH.


Can I film Workshops with my phone/camera?

No, filming SWISH Workshops is strictly prohibited. We’ll be recording all of the routines and you’ll have the option to access these via the Ceroc Hub, for a small subscription fee. 

Will there be anyone on site selling dance shoes and clothes?
There will be shoes and clothing for sale on site, including Ceroc merchandise.
Can I bring my pet?
Sorry no pets allowed.
Can I come if I have never danced Ceroc before?
The weekend will include specialist workshops for people who are absolutely new to Ceroc. These beginners workshops will be intense, fast track, progressive learning. As a complete beginner you will learn and be able to dance all of the 10 beginners moves by the end of the weekend.

If this wasn’t enough, check out all the other activities on offer in “Events” page.