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Booking Cancellation Policy

If you book and then find you are unable to attend then you can get a partial refund of your payment. The amount your receive back is dependant upon the date you advise us of your intention to cancel, at which point you forfeit your booking and we are free to offer the space for sale.

If you cancel between 12 JUN and 01 JUL 2018, you will receive an 80% refund.
If you cancel between 02 JUL and 21 JUL 2018, you will receive an 70% refund 
If you cancel between 22 JUL and 10 AUG 2018, you will receive an 50% refund 
If you cancel between 11 AUG and 29 AUG 2018 15.00 hours*, you will receive an 25% refund

*Cancellation notification must be submitted by email and be received by our office no later than 24 hours prior to the commencement of the event. The event commences at 15.00 hours 31st Aug 2018. (Note: We do not accept cancellations by phone).

NB: All cancellations will be subject to our nominal £10 administration fee.

Travel Insurance – You may have taken out specific travel insurance or have an annual policy in which case we will provide a detailed summary to assist your claim.

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