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Congratulations on discovering the dance world’s biggest secret!

This is your incredible opportunity to learn to partner dance in just ONE weekend for just £50 per person, which includes all tuition, accommodation, online access to all Ceroc’s beginner moves plus 6 classes at your local Ceroc class!

Interested?  Keep reading!

*offer is available to non-Ceroc members/dancers ONLY


Ever wanted to stand out on the dance floor? Share an awe-inspiring spin with your partner at a wedding? Clear the floor and wow the crowds at a nightclub?

Learning to dance with Ceroc is the fastest growing dance phenomenon in the country. We teach simply partner dancing skills that look and feel impressive on any dance floor. We borrow moves and techniques from a wide variety of dance forms such as Jive, Ballroom, Latin American, Tango, Salsa, West-Coast Swing, Swing, Blues, Bachata, Zouk….. the list goes on. Our success has been making learning to dance fun and easy.

Our varied classes are catered towards a range of different ability levels, from nervous first timer to dance floor master. Whether you turn up alone, with a partner or in a group, you will get the opportunity to dance with scores of other learners.

Our huge national weekender events that attract thousands of dancers will expose you to not only Ceroc dancing, but many other specific dance forms.

If you are just starting out on your partner dance journey, or already a dancer looking to try a new style, then a Ceroc weekender is the perfect opportunity to explore your ability. 


Classes (beginners Ceroc & adventure) 

Join the Ceroc beginner course made up of 6 one-hour lessons, designed to take you from Ceroc zero to dance hero. When you have started to master the basics, why not have a go at some more progressive Ceroc classes? 

In addition, why not check out some of our ‘dance adventure’ taster lessons including West Coast Swing, Salsa, Bachata, Zouk, Tango, Blues or 50s Jive. 

Music/practice time 

In the evenings, there are up to four dance rooms where people practice what they have learned in the day to the music they like most. The busiest room is the Thunderball room playing up-tempo, well-known music, or try one of our other rooms that play either slower music, lues, tango, swing and other styles to again practice the styles you have learned. 

Men ask ladies to dance as much ladies ask the men to dance and many people attend on their own knowing that they will still get plenty of dance practice in! 


Ceroc literally takes over one of two Pontin’s sites for our dance weekends (either Southport or Camber), so chalet based, self-catered accommodation comes as part of the package. OK, Pontins is NOT the Ritz, but you will have your own chalet with everything you need to wash, cook and sleep from the Friday through to the Monday morning! 


At every Ceroc weekender we also provide a number of yoga or Zumba sessions to help you stretch and relax, you can use the onsite pool, or why not treat yourself and get booked in for a sports or relaxing massage with one of our therapists! 

Gender balance 

We gender balance the whole weekend to ensure an even split of lead and follow dancers, so even if you plan to attend on your own, you are guaranteed to get plenty of dances. You can also join our Mad Cab social group, designed to help you meet new friends and navigate the weekender together. Read more below!   



Sand Bay Holiday Village is a catered site with a hearty ‘all you can eat’ breakfast and a 3 course evening meal included in the price for everyone.

*Breakfast is served from 9.30am – 11.30pm

*Dinner is served from 5.30pm – 7.30pm

Meals included:

Friday Dinner*, Saturday Breakfast/Brunch, Saturday Dinner, Sunday Breakfast/Brunch, Sunday Dinner, Monday Breakfast*

*Dinner on Friday is served from 6pm - 8.30pm (please ensure you arrive in time for dinner or eat before you arrive)

*Breakfast on Monday morning is served from 9am – 11am

Vegan, Vegetarian & Gluten Free Options are Available. Please inform us if you require this to allow the chefs to cater appropriately

There is a coffee shop on-site and tea/coffee making facilities in every apartment.

If you fancy a walk out, Sand Bay Fish & Chip Shop & Sand Bay Tea Rooms are a 10 minute walk away.


3 nights accommodation
Varied and exciting workshops
Teachers from across the Globe
2 dance rooms that switch music at 1am
Ceroc Classics, SILC, Blues
The top DJs on the circuit
Over 35 hours of freestyle
Large gathering of Ceroc teachers
Beach location
Gender ratio balanced booking system


Single and/or Sharing

A recent survey showed that 80% of the people that go to Ceroc in the UK come on their own. As a result there are a number of single accommodation options available to you. Please view the accommodation page for further details.

There are a wide range of workshops that will be suitable for the intermediate Ceroc dancer, and since there will be Main Room, Blues and SILC freestyles every night, you can expect classes to get you freestyle ready for dance exploration, even if these styles are new to you.

Our teachers & DJs are creative people and we like to schedule with that in mind, so expect some new moves and new music to keep the challenge alive!

Ceroc ESCAPE Dance Weekender



The booklet for this event, including the class schedule, teachers and DJ line-ups, will be available to view / download two weeks before the event. For now though, here is the booklet from last year's event so that you can see what you can look forward to.

Had the best time EVER. Fantastic lessons and amazing DJ’s. Loved it. Thank you. 

The Mad Cab made my weekend. It was great having breakfast with others 

Best weekend we have had yet, loved it!!! Thanks a million!! 


On your return from your first Ceroc dance weekender, we are sure you will want to continue your dance journey with us.  So in addition to the dance weekender, we will also give you access to the Ceroc Beginner course online via the Ceroc Hub (worth £15) as well as 6 classes at your local Ceroc venue (worth up to £60+), plus free lifetime membership.

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