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Due to an unprecendent amount of bookings since the 05 FEB 2017, we are already 95% sold out and have therefore had to enforce the Gender Control. We can therefore only accept bookings for groups of an equal gender or in favour of men.

As there are predominently only triple rooms available, ladies you may like to try and find three men to book with and have a triple room each.

Alternatively, please add a note to the 2018 Message Board which we will be using as the waiting list.


STEP 1 – Determine the number of people within your party along with the number of men to ladies
STEP 2 – Decide on your Accommodation (taking note of the reference), selecting your top three choices
STEP 3 – Familiarise yourself with the Cancellation Policy and the Terms and Conditions.
STEP 4 – Complete the booking form below.


STEP 5 – On receipt of a booking form you will receive a confirmation message on the website and an email.
STEP 6 – Potters will call to take the £75.00pp deposit from you (PLEASE NOTE: this can take up to 5 days).

If a booking is made after 21st December 2017 then the full amount of your booking is due immediately.


Please note all prices stated are per person.

Booking Form will be ready in








SWISH Booking Form

All fields are required.

Accommodation Choices

Accommodation Type (1st Choice)

Accommodation Type (2nd Choice)

Accommodation Type (3rd Choice)


Please note that once you have specified the genders of the persons on your booking they cannot be changed due to the gender control of this event, this rule is strictly enforced without exception.

The number of Males

The number of Females

Your Details

Check here if you accept Terms and Conditions

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